About This Blog

And he’s a photographer; Eclipse August 2017

I’ve been listening to him for almost 30 years— thoughts and ideas about time and space, science, the economy, American politics, cyber security, socio-political issues around the world, religion, relationships, comedy, art… blahblahblahblahblah. The list goes on and on–  and frankly, I know I’m lucky. He’s brilliant, he has some unique takes on the world, and I think a lot of people should listen to him.

“You need to blog about this,” I tell him all the time. “People need to hear it!”  He shrugs his shoulders and dismisses it.  He’s a great writer, but with too many other interests right now, it just isn’t gonna happen.

He IS rather prolific though. He writes Facebook and Twitter posts all the time; he writes comedy skits, humorous songs, plays that have been performed, short and long fiction —  he’s got several great novels plotted out in his head. He’s written books and memoir pieces.  He’s also had so many Letters to the Editor published we can’t keep track of them (I usually don’t know he’s even written one until someone tells me they saw him in the paper again).

I can’t keep being the audience of one anymore. I think it’s important, so with his permission, I’m starting this blog. He and the world can thank me later.