Who’s Got the Power?

Fighting each other?

Bob wrote the following Facebook post November 12, 2016, just shortly after the chaotic presidential election. It was shared 32 times. 

It’s not cis-whites versus the diverse.
It’s not rural-versus-urban.
It’s not old-versus-young.
It’s not conservative-versus-liberal.
It’s not Republican versus Democrat.
It’s not ANY of those things, people.
It’s not even rich-versus-poor, per se.
It’s the powerful versus the powerless. That’s ALL this is.
It’s the upper 1%, hell, the upper .01% versus ALL OF US.

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The Quote That Got Away…

Welcome to the premiere of our new blog! This is mainly the endeavor of Theresa, excited to gather up and promote the many media works and words of Bob (who has agreed to go along with it and humor her; yes, dear…). There are some quirky, informative and thought-provoking posts in the works. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

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This is as good a place to start this blog as any.  One of Bob’s favorite topics is Income Inequality in America, and he’s given a lot of thought to it. Back in 2011, he posted the following comment in a Facebook discussion:

“If someone has an apartment stacked to the ceiling with newspapers, we call him crazy. If a woman lives in a trailer crawling with cats, we say she’s nuts. But when someone hoards enough wealth to impoverish the nation so that children go hungry and bridges collapse, we pretend they are a role model and put them on the cover of Forbes.”

Immediately this quote took on a life of its own and was liked and shared by numerous random people on Facebook.

Unfortunately, it  was not attributed to Bob. As it spread across the Internet, this colorful quote was mysteriously credited to some dude named “B. Lester.”  Whut? Continue reading