Wage Peace

Bob wrote this poem as a response after 9/11. It was published on September 29, 2001 in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. This was also shared on several websites and from at least one pulpit, we heard. It’s long, but well-worth to read to the end.


Fight Terrorism With Relentless Doses of Hope and Compassion

by Robert Alberti

Wage Peace

Let us deploy our troops. Let our diplomats seek broad international agreement. Let our soldiers advance first, to clear the field of violence.

Then let us unleash our most powerful weapons!

Let us lay down roads where none have ever been. Let us dig wells of clean water where people can safely drink. Let our armies build hospitals and schools. Let our warriors teach hygiene and mathematics. Let our doctors inoculate against disease, and our soldiers battle malnutrition. Let us scour the Earth clean of terrorism through the merciless application of knowledge, compassion, hope and tolerance.

Terrorism is the weapon of the desperate and hopeless, the brutally blinded, and the deliberately blind. And we can defeat terrorism. We, America, have the power to do so if we are not ourselves blinded by vengeance, anger and fear: We hold the light of Liberty. Continue reading